Originated in the French rave scene of the early 90's, influenced by old school gabber, has a bouncy feel created by the bassdrum that is influenced by 909 kick, but is made with synths. Frenchcore achieved wider recognition in 1998 with the release of Micropoint's first album Neurophonie. Today the frenchcore scene is expanding all over Europe with artists like Radium, The Speed Freak, The Sickest Squad, Sirio, Androgyn Network, Dcybl, X-Fly, Randy, Frazzbass and many others. You can listen this music at free parties all over Europe.

Random Track: The Sickest Squad Ft Lenny Dee - Frenchcore Killah


  1. My notes:

    - There are a few subgenres that are Frenchcore:
    1. The sound which the artists mentioned in this post represent. It could be called Mainstream Frenchcore, because it's the most popular and commercial type of it these days. The bassdrum is nearly the same in all tracks.
    2. Oldschool Frenchcore of the 90's that sounds a lot different compared to the popular style of nowadays. Ingler (aka Laurent Hô) is one of the most known names. I'm not so familiar with all the oldschool names and labels so someone can probably do a better job than me ;)
    3. Underground Frenchcore of nowadays. One artist example is Middle M. It basically continues from the oldschool Frenchcore. The bassdrum is not bouncy as in the more commercial forms of Frenchcore (of the global hardcore scene) and Tribecore (of the free party scene) and the sounds have a more industrial and dark feeling. Underground Tribecore, HardTek and "Mental Tribe" is also very similar to this, though not always as fast.

    - Could be also noted that in the free party scene's Frenchcore/Tribecore it is more accepted to mashup happy and cheesy samples, whereas at hardcore techno scene's Frenchcore sets the darker (or just non-happy) tracks are more played and "approved".

  2. someone did his homework
    unlike most of the internet 'experts'

  3. I'm not sure if this page is still active so I'll be brief...
    Re: oldschool Frenchcore. I agree that Laurent Hô is a great example and I would also nominate Liza N Eliaz (RIP). Although she's Belgian, I think her style is a good example of early Frenchcore - See her "Paris Hardcore" mix from the first Industrial Strength comp.
    Contrarotative/ Epileptik are good examples of Frenchcore before its commercial breakthrough and Gobble /Tcher No Beat are good examples of the mid tempo sound.

    Also, I think it's inaccurate to call The Speedfreak "Frenchcore." Although a lot of his later releases appear on these labels, he is a German artist with many releases on German and Dutch labels. I think that "Frenchcore" owes a lot to his creative legacy but I don't think it's quite right to call him "Frenchcore."

  4. ...Following on from my (at the time that I write this, unpublished) previous comment about earlier Frenchcore, I realised that I meant to say Psykiatrik Records when I said Epileptik - it's their use of the letter 'k' that gets them mixed up in my head. Sorry for any confusion. :)