In 1998 Laurent Mialon (aka La Peste) founded a label named Hangars Liquides. It started out with traditional Speedcore, but soon the label's sound became more experimental.

Many artists on the label produced a style that was named Flashcore. The style could be described as some sort of fusion of IDM (aka "braindancemusic") and Speedcore. The tracks contain complicated subconscious-stimulating experimental patterns and barrages of bassdrums. The speeds are not exactly compareable to those of Splittercore and Extratone and the BPM can change radically within a track.

At special Flashcore events surround soundsystems and strobes are used to put the crowd in a trance with only the music (no drugs necessary). Listening plays a bigger role at these events than dancing. Besides the Hardcore scene, Flashcore can also be heard at art events etc. Artist recommendations: La Peste, Neurocore and Atomhead.

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