Hardcore Breaks

Written in the style of old-skool rave music or breakbeat hardcore using modern technology and production techniques.

Hardcore breaks is a genre of electronic music written in the style of old skool rave music or breakbeat hardcore using modern technology. The music is composed of from looped, edited and processed breakbeat samples, intense bassline sounds, melodic piano lines, staccato synthesizer riffs, and various vocal samples (frequently taken from old house records).
The speed of this genre typically falls between the range of 145-155 BPM, although there are exceptions within a 10 BPM buffer on each side, and the DJ will often change the speed when playing at a rave. Originally being produced by a small group of artists with the vision of carrying on where oldskool hardcore left off before the jungle/happy hardcore split using new production techniques and technology, its appeal has now expanded to include artists from the original breakbeat hardcore scene creating new productions. Many large rave promotions now include hardcore breaks on the line up and it is recognised as its own entity. Hardcore Breaks together with Rave Breaks and J-tek is considered to be part of the Nu-Rave scene.

Random Track: DJ Fuzzbuzz - Tune Ruff`n`Tuff

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