Fast electronic dance music from Spain, fairly similar to happy hardcore.
Mákina, "Bakalao", and "Poky" are electronic music genres originated in Spain, similar in sound to UK Hardcore, but with certain elements of bouncy techno among other differences.

The Spanish electro sound is usually characterized by its synthesized pads and has a weaker yet higher octave, a punchier kick drum than the similar UK produced tracks. There are two main areas for electronic music production in Spain:

1.The Central Plateau (poky), and
2.the Mediterranean shoreline (bakalao and makina) in Catalonia and the Valencian Region.

Poky comes from the Central Plateau. "Radikal", a very popular disco for all the people living in the central areas of Spain, is located in a small town in the province of Toledo. "Radikal" gathers thousands of ravers called "bakalas" every weekend, eager to listen to their favourite tunes all night long. Bakalao music and Makina, whose origins are disputed, are produced all the way through the Mediterranean shores. They are quite complex in sound and composition, and boast more agude tones. It is also the one that has always traditionally had more elements "imported" from other kinds of techno, due to the proximity of Ibiza, (Balearic Islands, Spain). Pont Aeri, in Barcelona has the same social effect amongst the makineros as Radikal in Madrid and La Mancha. Its commonly accepted that bakalao was born in Valencia in the 80's, and since then has spread all over Spain, evolving in the makina subgenre and the poky.

Makina is also very popular in North-East England, since DJ Scott started his distribution company MakinaUK back in 1999. Past clubs After Dark 2, New Monkey, The Darkside, and Powerhouse promoted the style. Present clubs The Beginning, and Hanger 13 still hold monthly over 18's makina party's with Eclipse at the Cube nighclub in Spennymoor providing the under 18s ravers with a monthly dose of makina anthems. Eclipse is the biggest event for the under 18s makina maffia in England. The genre remains to one of the most popular styles in the North East, with young talent breaking through in both Dj'ing and production.

Makina has also managed to find its way to Scotland with a club called Dimensional in Glasgow, which is the same style as in the North-East of England, with many of the MCs and DJs who are based in the North East of England travelling to Glasgow to play at Dimensional.

The Ruta del Bakalao was a virtual itinerary made by the "bakalaeros" from Madrid to the discos at Catalonia but Valencia region preferently. It was suppressed by the national and regional authorities due to the high number of car accidents caused by drug and alcohol consumption.


  1. here are some random classic mákina tracks:

    X-Treme - "Sometimes"

    dj Pumu - "Live in us 2"

    Dani Fiesta - "La Música"

    Lethal System - "New Legend"

    Dimensional Insomni - "Dimensional Insomni"

    Fidel Castillo - "Me voy de fiesta"

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