This term is often used when talking about modern day Happy Hardcore and Freeform. The term also has a different meaning. Trancecore from Holland is a combination of Psytrance, Acid and Hardcore. The tracks have more drive than Mainstream Hardcore tracks. Trancecore strives to be melodic and it does not only concentrate on the bassdrum.

Artists on Cenobite Records were the first who were focusing on this subgenre. Cenobite didn't make it past the recession period of hardcore in Holland, but it came back in 2005. As of the year 2001 Ferox and Ki-Real continued and developed Trancecore further. They combined more modern Hardcore sounds with the old concept.

After Cenobite came back they have continued to develop it as well, however compared to Ferox some of the contemporary artists produce Trancecore closer to Mainstream Hardcore.


  1. Dj Technorch (Japanese Dj, owner of his own label "999 Recordings") has few albums named "Gothic System ~Trancecore meets Gabber~ [TCNCD001]"; GOTHIC SYSTEM lite ~Trancecore meets Gabber~[TCNCD004]".

  2. In the 1990s alot of Trancecore was produced on Deathchant and even some off Mokum records. Industrial Strength has a sub label titled IST which does alot of trancecore/acidcore stuff.