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This blog has been idle for way too long now. And i apologize to that and i want to thank all of you who have posted comments with relevant information about the hardcore scene.

Now, due to your positive feedback and the continuous growth of this genre, the scene as a whole, i have decided to try move it to a website.

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Introducing Hardcore Techno

In the past 20 years electronic music created many genres that have fans all over the world. One of the most popular among them is Hardcore.

It emerged around the world (USA, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the UK), in the early-to-mid-1990s. What makes it different is that this kind of sound is typified by a fast tempo, above 130bpm(Beats per Minute) and the rhythmic use of distorted and atonal industrial-like beats and samples. Mainly, hardcore is composed using music sequencers, thus many earlier tracks were produced on home computers with module tracker software and virtual studio software like Fruity Loops Studio, Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic, Nuendo and Reason.

The hardcore scene, with all its sub-genres, constantly grew, and many labels, entertainment companies saw a need in organizing parties and festivals,that every year gather hundreds of thousands of fans.

Although it is an important genre of music in general , information about it are few. Thus the main purpose of this blog is to show, on one hand, a brief history of hardcore and, on the other hand, to describe an image about it and its sub-genres.

You will find here some bits of history, according to the location where it evolved, the artists index and the description of sub-genres like gabber, hardstyle, speedcore, digital hardcore, darkcore and more.

For more details about the hard styles of electronic music, please check the content on the right.

In the same time, comments for every article are enabled so that if you have more details about it, you can let us know. So, we invite you all, fans, producers, dj's to share with us your knowledge. We will greatly appreciate new details and information and we assure you that we will update the articles based on your comment.

Last, but not least, the information here are not ours. We do not take fully credit for it. The resources are listed below on this page.