There is no set term for this, but it is quite popular these days. Using amenbreaks samples (typically used in Jungle music) on the background of a bassdrum has been common at least since the second half of the 90's. In recent years producers have started combining modern DnB styles with Hardcore and these modern DnB styles have also gotten influence from Hardcore.

Most known styles of the latter are Skullstep/Crank (subgenre of Techstep), which is produced by artists such as Current Value, Donny and Limewax. The fast, aggressive and repetitive breaks and dark soundscapes are very similar to Hardcore Techno. The Outside Agency, a duo of DnB and HC producers DJ Hidden and Eye-D, have recently become known for their Hardcore style that takes a lot of influence from Darkstep and Skullstep. They have developed this drum'n'core sound since the amenbreak+hardcore times of the 90's.

"The Way of the Exploding Fist” was the duo's first release where influence from modern DnB can be heard. Other examples of DnB influenced Hardcore releases: The DJ Producer's ”Breaks the Unbreakable” and Sadistic label's third release with tracks by Fiend and Deathmachine.


  1. Drum'n'Core isn't the proper name for it.

  2. Crossbreed, Brokencore, Core & bass, hardcore drum and bass.

  3. it's known as Crossbreed but the original name is drum n core ;)

  4. Anyone remember DJ Producer's Nitemare On B-Kore Street?

    The title is a reference to 'breakcore' which, at that time (1996), had yet to take on the meaning which it acquired by the late 90s early 00s.

    The record, to my ears anyway, sounds more like a forerunner to crossbreed/drum n core than breakcore, at least as the terms are understood at this point in time. So, Carlos Stylez, I counter that the original name is 'breakcore' but for obvious reasons, the term fell into disuse. ;)

    As a digression, this wasn't the first style to be referred to as 'breakcore' either, so I think it's a pretty nebulous term, albeit perhaps less so than 'hardcore.'


  5. please at least put crossbreed into the title. no one knows it by "drum n core".