Noisecore aka Industrial hardcore

Hardcore influenced by industrial music, characterized by harsh beats.

Random Track: Goth Von Core - Cheery Tale 2009


  1. My notes:

    - Industrial Hardcore is an umbrella term for Hardcore with Industrial elements. It is used in many Hardcore subgenres, which are mostly slow such as Darkcore and Doomcore, but also in more uptempo styles like underground Frenchcore and Speedcore.
    - Typical sounds used in the background are factory noises, playing around with radio frequencies, sounds of rusty metal and distorting and effecting these sounds even further. Often the artists spend some time finding and recording these to samples.
    - Industrial Hardcore sound strives to be more mature and less cheesy rather than the dancefloor oriented Mainstream Hardcore. Another difference is that the kicks are usually rougher and more distorted, but generally the sound quality standard of the tracks is very high.
    - Industrial Hardcore is actually very far from original Industrial/Goth scene music. However, inside the Goth/Industrial scene there are also producers of the EBM and electronic Industrial style that sound very similar to Industrial Hardcore of the Hardcore scene. One such band is Alter der Ruine and another one, that has crossed the boundaries of these 2 scenes, is Terrokfakt.
    - Noisecore? X2 :D

  2. " umbrella term for Hardcore with Industrial elements" is a really good defintion!

  3. I'm currently writing my thesis on industrial hardcore. I'll get in touch once its finished if you would like help with this definition.

  4. Cool mate! looking fwd to reading it. Let me know if you need some help with anything :)