Power noise (also known as rhythmic noise, noize and occasionally as distorted beat music) is a fusion genre among noise music and various styles of electronic dance music. It should not be confused with "power electronics", which lacks rhythmic elements and is closer to harsh noise. Its origins are predominately European. The fan base for the style tends towards the cybergoth and rivethead subcultures.

Random track: Government Alpha - Cryptic Cave


  1. Not sure if there is an actual subgenre of Noisecore/Noizecore within the Hardcore scene. Inside the HC scene I would just call it an umbrella term for tracks that are distorted over the top and there is not much attention paid to the sound quality intentionally. One such subgenre being Extratone :)

  2. Government Alpha play harsh noise. Power noise associated with such artists as Converter(classic album "Shock Front"), Imminent Starvation, Iszoloscope, Pneumatic Detach, Somatic Responses

  3. Government Alpha isn't a good example of Power noise since GA is harsh noise.

    Power Noise aka Rhythmic noise is related to techno/hardcore music which however is not the case with Harsh noise and Power electronics witch are related to industrial and musique concrete.

    harsh noise: macronympha, knurl, john wiese, merzbow, lasse marhaug...
    power electronics: suttclife jugend, prurient, grunt, genocide organ...

    Noisecore is noise + grindcore, so nothing to do with techno:
    Nihilist commando, gorgonized dorks...

  4. this track is a harsh noise (or extratone...) Power Noise aka Rhythmic noise is something like EBM, TBM and it's not a subgenre of hardcore techno.

  5. Powernoise and Noizecore are 2 very different things. Powernoise is more like Suicide Commando as to where Noizecore is more like alot of the more B-side material that DJ Freak or Rage Reset have produced.